This site is intended to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in Ontario with High Speed Rail.

It also includes links to USA stories on HSR and some of the issues there.


Aug 7

OPINION: HSR IN Nova Scotia Will Make A Difference

Jul 26

HSR Canada To Portland

Jul 4

HSR May Be Long Shot For Ford Government

Jun 29

Plan For Faster Train Travel In Ontario Sputters

Jun 12

City Council Backs HSR in London

Jun 9

Seattle HSR Advocay Groups Chugs Into Vancouver To Court Support

May 29

How The Election Could Throw Liberlas HSR Plans Off The Track

May 24

HSR Debate Exposes Urban Rural Divide

May 22

Liberals Challenge NDP's HSR Plan

May 21

Mayor Looks For Parties To Support HSR For Windsor

May 17

Ontario Municipalities Ask Province To Look For Alternatives TO HSR

May 17

Oxford County Rips HSR ....Again

USA 2018
Sept 13

High Speed Rail Needed In Texas

Sept 11

California  HSR Seek To Speed Up Real Estate Buys

Aug 26

Inflation & Delays Adds Billion to Bullet Train Costs in Calif

Aug 21

HSR Leads Calif To Sustainable Trans System

Aug 20

HSR In America: Tracks To The Future

Aug 10

EDITORIAL: HSR IN Calif Slow Motion Train Wreck

Aug 9

Future Of Transportation in Ohio

Aug 5

California HSR Still Aims To Be World's Fastest

Jul 25

2 Routes For Possible HSR Orlando-Tampa

Jul 6

It Will Hurt But Time For California To Walk Away From HSR

Jun 28

Rapid Transit Hits Skids In 3 Michigan Cities

Jun 25

Florida Start HSR Between Orlando & Tampa

Jun 21

Opinion: Can HSR Be Trusted To Properly Build Anything?

Jun 14

Chicago To O'Hara in 12 Minutes HSR Within 3 Years

Jun 13

Siemens Launches New Line Of High Speed Traisn

Jun 8

California HSR Authority Ordered Part Of Bullet Train Bridge Be Rebuilt.

Jun 3

California On Track To More Emission Reductions With HSR

May 29

California Voters Split On Support of HSR

May 25

Brightline's Fast Train Service Now Open - Florida

May 25

As Cost Rise Only 31% Of California Voters Want To keep Paying For It

May 24

Opinion: Why It Is Time To Get On Board HSR Califonia

May 21

Virgin's Hyperloop One's test Facility Mojave Desert

May 16

Top 10 Reasons To Bring HSR To America

May 16

California HSR Board Approves 2018 Business Plan




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